INTEGRA gives as much importance to tell the society about FIRST values and spread science as it gives to robotics. With this aim, the team has persuaded many social responsibility projects. For instance, the project we have developed in sake of TUBITAK’s Energy Efficiency Project Competition, served for the Turkish Armed Forces in order to identify the illegal refugees more easily and economically. Also as Team 3646, we have wandered around the four sides of the country kilometer by kilometer for months to spread STEM and to make children love science with our Science Truck.

Bird houses we regularly produce are sent to the forests, and dolls houses are donated to LÖSEV, a foundation for leukemia children. We also give presentations about FIRST and Robotics to our younger brothers and sisters from dozens of schools quite often.

To mention our more recent projects; we can give examples of computer labs that we donated and built in public schools. Or paper planes that we send to jet streams, 30,000 meter high from the ground, through a balloon to spread FIRST. The writings on these planes refer to our team and some values of FIRST, and these streams which have low pressure can deliver the planes without any damage to even other continents.

Our team has played a major role during the rescue of the KUYU, the dog that fell into the drilling well, and was able to announce his voice widely through social media. Thus, it created a great opportunity to spread our robotic activities to every corner of the country.

One of the things we care the most is what we do about the curriculum. Our new robotics/STEM supported curriculum, which has been approved by the Board of Education and has been written by the team members, will be taught in high schools of our country in the coming years.