Our Team

Team 3646 INTEGRA was formed in 2011 by the students of Bahcesehir High School for Science and Technology located in Istanbul, Turkey. INTEGRA was one of the first teams to be founded in Turkey, giving its members the responsibility as a pioneer of STEM education and FIRST in our country. INTEGRA, on its way to fulfil its role, had a gigantic impact on others but at the same time improved itself. At the beginning, INTEGRA had only 5 members with a single girl included. Year by year team increased the number of its members and today it has reached a total of 25 members, half are girls.

Every single member of our team is boarding student who formerly lived in various cities of Turkey. Even though this provides the team an advantage to be in contact with a great range of people all around the country, it also comes with its cons. In building seasons, team has to supply every kind of need members require, including accommodation and dining. These obstacles force the team to invest an excessive effort in finding sponsors.

The most discouraging challenge INTEGRA faced is the social misunderstanding of FRC in Turkey. As a country that takes the high scores obtained in exams the absolute indicator of success, FRC is considered a distractor. It is INTEGRA’s mission to provide a good understanding of FRC and FIRST to the community they are in.

As INTEGRA members, we all have different skills and fields of interest. We are divided into six groups accordingly; fundraising & sponsorship, mechanical, electronics & programming, awards submission, driver and safety teams. Some of these groups work together, every single student is present in at least two of these groups.

Rookie members are always chosen amongst 10th graders which allows every member of the team to have a certain amount of experience with FIRST since they participate in FLL the previous year. Team members work with INTEGRA for 2 years, at their first year they learn everything that has been past over from the alumni of INTEGRA. As for the second year, they teach rookies and lead the team. This sustainable system allows INTEGRA to grow continuously and maintain a stable formation.